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Oerlemans Plastics is founded in 1972. Partly due to the oil crisis, a start is made in 1973 with the in-house extrusion of plastic films, and a true production company is established. Oerlemans Plastics BV continues to expand over the following years. The company employs approximately 250 people.

In 1999, the company acquires Perfon BV This acquisition enables Oerlemans Plastics BV to continue its strategy of becoming a total supplier of a wide range of packaging and films.

As of 1 January 2000, the group is joined by Plasthill BV, a leading manufacturer of polyethylene film products. Mono-extrusion is used to produce films for the agricultural and horticultural sectors, construction and industry.

The outlines for Oerlemans Packaging BV are now clearly visible, and the company is established in 2000. OPACKGROUP again acquires a new member, Oosterwolde Plastics Industrie BV. One of the specialisations of OPI is the manufacture of meat packaging, magazine films, sheets and bags. Waste disposal bags are manufactured extremely efficiently by modern, fast machines, if necessary including print work that is applied immediately after the extrusion process.

Finally, OPACKGROUP in 2012 acquires Fardem Packaging in Edam. The company’s mono and multiple-layer films are manufactured there. One of the specialisations of Fardem Packaging is the manufacture of 25-50 kg. packaging for industrial use. These films/tubes and bags can all be line-printed in up to 8 colours.