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The market for high quality flexible plastic packaging is growing strongly worldwide. Oerlemans Plastics has been active in this market since 1972 and wants to expand its capacity substantially as a producer and knowledge partner. For this reason the company, which is part of the Oerlemans Packaging Group, gave recently the go-ahead for the construction of a major expansion with over 8,800 extra square meters for the location in Giessen (the Netherlands).

Expansions will be carried out at the Giessen location in the coming year for all parts of the process; ranging from office facilities to production and storage capacity. The construction of the extra factory space and offices will be realised on Oerlemans Plastics’ own site.

Owner Joan Hanegraaf of the Oerlemans Packaging Group looks forward with confidence to the realization of the new building. “Despite the corona crisis, we have continued to grow as a packaging producer. Nationally and internationally we have positioned ourselves as partner for high quality and sustainable flexible packaging and with this expansion we will further increase our role. Our position as a knowledge partner in packaging with, among other things, our own test laboratory and repro center is of added value. We have also been focusing on making our products more sustainable for years. For today’s packaging issues, we offer solutions that often have the least environmental impact and there is an increasing interest for this main topic. New sustainable packaging demands new technology”.

Oerlemans Plastics Director Johan Kranenbroek sees the expansion as an important step towards continuing to meet current demands. “Production and storage will be organized in such a way that customization is increasingly possible. Furthermore, our machines and logistics will become a lot smarter using specific data and we invest Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) in our future based factory. The automation does not mean we don’t need extra employees in the larger location. Professionals with technical insight and innovativeness are and remain extremely important in the production of our flexible packaging. Regionally, we are one of the largest employers and when this expansion is completed, we will need more employees”.

Oerlemans Packaging Group

The Oerlemans Packaging Group, which includes Oerlemans Plastics, has been investing in making its product range more sustainable since 1992. The family-owned company produces customer-specific, flexible plastic packaging and films of high quality. The entire process is dominated by circular entrepreneurship according to the Rethink principle, in which material reduction and the use of sustainable raw materials are key points. New packaging concepts are continuously developed through extrusion, flexo printing and conversion at eight locations in the Netherlands. The producer consists of six subsidiaries (Fardem, Flexpak, Oerlemans Plastics, Oosterwolde Plastic Industry, Perfon and Plasthill) that jointly supply a wide range of packaging products. Oerlemans Packaging Group – the sustainable innovator!