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We produce AIR-OP climate hose in all types and sizes. With Air-OP you can completely control the climate in your greenhouse.

Features of our AIR-OP climate hose

The AIR-OP climate hose that we make has the following features:
  • Suitable for both cooling and heating
  • Crack-resistant material
  • Multi-annual UV stability
  • With suspension and drainage holes

Versions of our climate tunnel film Air-OP

The AIR-OP climate hose that we make is available in the following versions:
  • Customised to meet your requirements
  • Different punching patterns
  • Transparent or white coloured
  • Several hole diameters possible
  • VARI-OP perforation possible up to 20 sections
  • Variable diameter of the slang
  • Standard thickness 150 or 180 mu, different thicknesses available on request
  • Customised width, depending on required diameter
  • Printing available on request (e.g. company logo)

Application options of our AIR-OP climate hose

The AIR-OP that we make is suitable for the following application options: