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Anti-condensation film OPAC 86-E is mainly used to create a climate which is as ideal and homogeneous as possible for starting up a new crop. This means the foil not only cuts costst, but can also yield an even better crop result by creating the right climate in the greenhouse.

Features of our anti condensation film OPAC 86-E

The anti condensation film OPAC 86-E that we produce has the following features:
  • High diffuse light transmission for extra growing light on the leaf surface
  • Good humidity control created from optimum punching pattern
  • VARI-OP creates an even more homogeneous climate
  • Punch diameter 6 mm
  • Any "side strips" can be supplied with fewer punches per square metre, which reduces the effect of cold and creates a more homogeneous climate
  • Significant energy-saving effect due to the addition of EVA
  • Anti condensation effect on both sides of the foil to avoid the foil being laid the wrong way up
  • Total light transmission is 91%
  • Diffuse light transmission is 33%
  • Flame- retardant according to standard NTA8825/K4
  • Standard 80 Kly UV stability (12 months in the Netherlands)
  • Take into account a 3% loss when fitted

Versions of our anti condensation film OPAC 86-E

Anti condensation film OPAC 86-E is available in the following versions:
  • Standard width 175 - 200 - 250 - 330 - 350 - 425 - 480 - 530 - 580 - 680cm
  • Flat (not folded) wrapped to 580cm
  • On standard rolls or on measured length
  • In consultation all punching patterns possible, Ø 6mm
  • Standard thickness 50 mu
  • Other widths and thickness on request
  • Tomato punch pattern 5 x 5cm
  • Pepper and cucumber punching 10 x 10cm
  • Anti condensation effect 10-12 weeks after installation
  • Non toxic
  anti- condensfolie