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Circuflex film is a plastic film produced with a significant percentage recyclate material. For example this film is suitable for potting soil packaging, webshop bags and many non-food industries.
De film can be produced as flat film, sheets or bags. Furthermore the circuflex film can be printed up to 10 colours in our printing department.
Oerlemans Packaging is one of the participants of the Plastic Pact. Together with you we will find the best match between look and sustainability.

Features of our circuflex film

The circuflex film that we make have the following features:
• Use of recycled materials • Match possible between best look and sustainability • Printable up to 10 colours  

Versions of our circuflex film

The circuflex film that we make are available in the following versions:
• Potting soil • Fertilisers • Webshopbags • Other non-food packaging

Application options of our Circuflex film

The circuflex film that we make are suitable for the following application options:
• Every desired size and thickness • Printable up to 10 colours full colour • For the percentage of recycled material you can consult us. Together we will find a tailor-made solution for your product. For example you can choose for 30% or 50%. But also a percentage of >80% post-consumer recyclate is possible. With that last option you will have a Blue Angel certified packaging.