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We produce KlarOp 110 in all types and sizes. Your product is shrunk perfectly without the formation of condensation.

Features of our KlarOp 110

The KlarOp 110 that we make has the following features:
  • Polyolefin biaxial shrink film
  • High transparent multi-layer polyolefin film
  • Optimum product presentation
  • High shrinking force, shrinks at approximately 155˚C
  • Easy to process on every machine, both on high speed packers and on L-seal machines
  • Suitable for every consumer product
  • High puncture and tearing resistance
  • Thin, but very strong
  • Shrink form is biaxial

Versions of our KlarOp 110

We supply the KlarOp in the following versions:
  • Flat film or semi-tubular
  • Mostly in 15mu or 19mu
  • Micro perforation or hot-needle perforation
  • Can be printed with resy sign or green point
  • With anti condensation possible
  • Printing with 10 colours flexo screen 54

Application options of our KlarOp 110

The KlarOp 110 that we make are suitable for the following application options:
  • For the fast packaging of all kinds of products such as photo frames, books, CDs, cosmetics, etc.
  • For fruit and vegetables
    KlarOP 110     KlarOP 110