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Our Octabin liners are specially made as an inner bag for octabins. The bags protect the product against moisture and dirt and offer extra stability inside the octabin. The liners are suitable for solids as well as liquids, granulates, powders and other loose filling products.

Depending customers demand, the liners are available in different sizes and gauges. They can be produced with corner weld (mitre seal) to minimize product loss.

In addition, the octabin liners are available with various barrier properties in order to create optimal conditions and shelf life for your product.


Features of our octabin liners

The octabin liners we produce have the following features:
  • High tear and puncture resistance
  • Recyclable
  • Barrier possibilities
  • Addition of recycled material possible (non food)
  • Optional anti-static to avoid explosion risk
  • Optimizing the thickness

Versions of our octabin liners

The octabin liners are available with the following specifications:
  • Tube or bags (on the roll or loose)
  • PE/PA/PE
  • LDPE
  • Corner weld
  • Transparent, blue, green and red
  • Anti-static possible (non food)
  • Customized format from 3600 to 6200 mm
  • Available from 60 to 200 micron

Application options of octabin liners

The octabin liners we produce are suitable for the following applications:
  • Good protection for both solids and liquids during transport, storage, display or wearing of your product