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The OPH Nursing Apron or medical apron is ideal for working in highly contagious areas. OPH aprons provides healthcare personnel more safety during their work

Features of our OPH Nursing Apron

The OPH Nursing Apron that we manufacture have the following features:
  • Very safe
  • User-friendly and strong
  • Easy donning and doffing
  • Design cuff gives perfect fit
  • Reinforced flexible quality reduces the risk of tearing through
  • Barrier finish Water vapor permeability is less than 3 gr/m2/per 24 hours at 23 degrees Celsius. (protects against moisture)

Designs of our OPH Nursery Apron

  • 800 mm W x 1250 mm L
  • Thickness 45 micron
  • Material Colour Transparent blue Adhesion Double-sided adhesive strips
  Packaging Apron & sleeves separately supplied in handy white cardboard boxes         Productsheet OPH Nursing Apron & Sleeves

Applications of the OPH Nursing Apron

The OPH Nursing Apron are suitable for the following applications:
Nursery Apron & Sleeves are the better solution in terms of quality and safety compared to the traditional loop apron. It has high scores on user -friendliness.