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With Paperlike you can maintain the feeling of paper while working with all the functional benefits that film can offer your product!

Features of our Paperlike

The Paperlike that we manufacture has the following features:
  • Manufactured with our newly developed coating for application on Bi-Polar Plates (BPP) or Oriented Polyester (OPET) film.
  • Looks and feels like Kraft paper combined with all the benefits of film.
  • Thanks to the layout of the packaging, it is possible to work with gloss windows for an eye-catching result.
  • Much higher moisture prevention and much lower moisture sensitivity than regular Kraft paper.
  • Paperlike-coating is easier to recycle (you can simply throw it with the plastic waste).
  • With regard to food safety, film offers more protection than paper.
  • Paperlike printed film is lighter than paper, which makes your packaging lighter with the same functionality.
  Paperlike is definitely a smart choice!