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There are a number of plastic qualities which are not recycable. More and more retailers demand a 100% recycable film such as for example in agreements as Plastic Pact or Ellen McArthur Foundation’s New Plastic Economy. For this reason Oerlemans Packaging Group has developed a brand new label: Ready tot Recycle (RTR).

Features of our Ready to Recycle film

The Ready to Recycle film we produce has following features:
By using RTR film you will have a innovative and sustainable alternative for regular plastic film qualities. These RTR-film qualities are 100% recyclable. Our technical staff and the Oerlemans Technology Centre have replaced the raw materials, which could not be recycled, by smart technical solutions of new raw materials. For example alternatives for laminates or barrier film with PA, PVDC or PET and films with aluminium. With RTR you can be sure of a 100% recyclable plastic film. Recyclability is a combination of:
  • Material
  • Finishing off (lables, glue, dimensions)
  • Country & customer (waste management control system and collecting)
  • Definition of recyclability