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The stretch sleeve is a sustainable elastic label. With its 360 degree communication surface it is excellent as information and advertising medium. Applications include jerry cans, industrial barrels and gas bottles, but also milk cans and soft drink bottles. Oerlemans Plastics produces stretch sleeves in many designs and for many industries. A sleeve is the sustainable replacement of self-adhesive labels.

A sleeve is environmental friendly, because they are made out of polyethene, which is 100% recyclable. Also, no glue or heat is needed when applying the stretch sleeve. A sleeves tightly fits around your product due to its elasticity. Removing the sleeve is effortless and no glue residues are left on your product. You can instantly reuse your packaging. Or the sleeve can go in the same recycling stream as your plastic products.

Features of our sleeves (stretch)

The sleeves that we produce have the following features:
• Environmentally friendly / sustainable • Large marketing and communication surface • 360 degree decoration • Printing is protected against fluids, chemicals, UV and weather influences • A sleeve is not affected by migrating substances from the can • The sleeve can hold a spout

Versions of our sleeves

The sleeves that we make are available in the following versions:
• On a roll with tear-off perforation • LDPE: Transparent or White coloured • Printing up to 10 colours

Application options of our sleeves

The sleeves that we make are suitable for the following application options:
  • Jerry cans, industrials barrels, gas bottles, milk cans and soft drink bottles.
  • And many more, feel free to introduce your product to us.