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Static Intercept is a packaging solution for corrosion protection. This technology offers active protection for all materials. Using copper particles in the polymer mix neutralises moulds and corrosive gasses and prevents the ageing of metal products.

Features of our Static Intercept

The Static Intercept that we make has the following features:
  • Neutralisation of the present and penetrating corrosive gasses
  • Protection based on the ANODE principle, as in electrochemical processes
  • Natural protection against bio-corrosion in metals

Application options of our Static Intercept

The Static Intercept that we make is suitable for the following application options:
  • Packaging of products sensitive to electricity, moisture and radiation
  • Packaging of electronics and non ferrous metals
  • General corrosion protection, dry storage, short-term storage
  • General corrosion protection, long term storage (to 15 years)
  • Sea, land and air transport of all materials
  • Markets:
    • Automotive
    • Archiving
    • Data storage
    • Electricity
    • Export packaging
    • Guitar strings
    • Military
    • Covering motorbikes, cars and ships during winter storage
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