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Co-creating sustainable solutions

Driving sustainability is crucial to future proofing the industry. At the same time, the developments in sustainability are moving fast and it is a complex landscape.

We, as OPACKGROUP, are actively involved as a knowledge partner in various management positions both within and outside our industry. With significant investments in R&D and our production facilities we show that we take our slogan ‘The sustainable innovator’ seriously. How do we do it? By consciously focusing on six focus areas. This way we bring sustainable plastic packaging and film solutions closer step by step. We are proud that we have summarized our sustainability policy in a special brochure.

Co-creating sustainable solutions! What challenges are you facing in this important domain? We look forward to reviewing the options with you. Contact us, and we will take on the challenge of making your business more sustainable – together!
Personal advice is of course possible through one of our product managers or our sustainability director,

Rob Verhagen

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Sustainability is a high priority for OPACKGROUP. Sustainable packaging solutions are offered:

OPACKGROUP is also aware of the consequences of the production of plastics for the environment. Oerlemans has own recycling capacity and all film is being recycled. The environmental burden is reduced and this also reduces the production costs! Within the companies of OPACKGROUP we all use renewable energy.

Corporate Social Responsibility according to ISO26000.